11:00 pm

NU rocks no more

I still can’t believe that NU107 will be done in an hour.  I feel guilty because I wasn’t as loyal the past few years as I was before.  I’ve added the jazz stations on my radio in the car.  I’ve listened to Ted Failon more than to Francis Brew recently.

I remember discovering rock music when my friends formed their rock band, Ladies’ Choice.  I was one of their biggest fans as I joined them in their gigs in different exclusive girls’ high schools.  I remember listening to my friends’ stories about guitars, drums, “Du Hast” and how rap rock would go mainstream.

I remember attending my first rock concert, as we were sweaty and smelly after a few hours.  We were tired from the head banging (which would always give me a headache) and literally rubbing bodies with strangers.  I find that experience weird as I look back.  How would a person enjoy music while jumping and furiously swing one’s head up and down? Yet, we were always looking forward to the mosh pit experience then.

I remember how we made Wolfgang, Razorback, POT and The Dawn our gods.  I remember how proud I was knowing that I came from the same school that produced Parokya ni Edgar, the Itchyworms and ChicoSci, among others.  I remember loathing at our religion teacher for giving us a low grade for our paper on Christian rock and the Battery.

I remember having a romantic kiss inside 70s Bistro as Noel Cabangon performed “Kanlungan”.  I remember joining the Batangas farmers in front of DAR as we listened to The Jerks.  It was in that rally that I figured I would either be creating art or fight for social justice.

And I remember all the other days of my youth listening to the Home of NU Rock.  Nothing more.

NU107 is Philippine Rock as Philippine Rock is NU 107.

As Fr. Manoling Francisco, S. J. shared, “Music will only be relevant if people have associated their experiences with it.”  NU107 and the music it has played is deeply intertwined with my personal history.  I’m sure a lot of Filipinos’ lives are too.


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One thought on “11:00 pm

  1. drei 11.08.2010 at 10.44 am Reply

    hoy! sinong religion teacher yon?!

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