To My Godson

To My Godson


Modeled after Peter Meinke’s
For a writing class

This is a poem to my godson, Xyrus.
Who comes to the world,
Unpredicted. Unexpected.
You are one of them
From friends, cousins, men and women
Tasked to pick you up when the world is done
Goddaughters; godsons.
Your bright smile and round eyes
Provide laughter to sighs
Remind to the lost the wonder,
The beauty and colour
In your tears and pain
There is hope over disdain
And you whisper to my soul
That rancor is not the goal.
Because life is worth living
And life is worth loving
You are not my blood
But you are my heart
You are not mine
Yet I see you as one.
Because love crosses
Bloodlines and children’s stories.
Sit beside me to wait for the sunrise
And together, we dream of the skies.
as father
and son.

5 June 2012 | Legaspi Village, Makati


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16 thoughts on “To My Godson

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  2. Franc Ramon (@Franckxethee) 06.11.2012 at 12.19 pm Reply

    Your Godson is lucky to have someone like you. The words in the poem were heartfelt so just shows how much you love your godson.

    • boomanism 06.11.2012 at 2.24 pm Reply

      Thank you! I am blessed to be his Ninong!

  3. renzbulseco 06.11.2012 at 3.50 pm Reply

    Awwwwwwww how sweet of you!

  4. Lakwatserong Unggoy 06.11.2012 at 11.14 pm Reply

    sweet ng ninong! 🙂

  5. Kathy Kenny Ngo 06.12.2012 at 3.31 am Reply

    It’s always a good thing to leave words of wisdom to the young ones.

  6. markpogi 06.12.2012 at 11.36 am Reply

    He’s a lucky “inaanak” ^_^

  7. Francis Balgos | Pala-lagaw 06.13.2012 at 12.09 am Reply

    lucky naman!
    his smile is really endearing!

    • boomanism 06.13.2012 at 6.36 am Reply

      His smile is such a magnet. I became a spoiler because of him. Thanks!

  8. Eihdra Gatchalian 06.13.2012 at 6.26 am Reply

    aw, swerte naman nya but swerte ka rin for having him 🙂

    • boomanism 06.13.2012 at 6.36 am Reply

      Thanks, Eihdra. You’re right. He is a blessing to me!

  9. marrimye 06.14.2012 at 6.35 am Reply

    You truly is his ever thoughtful NINONG.
    Imagine… you wrote a poem just to
    express your deepest lcare for him.

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