For a writing class

My body, my vessel
My ship, my barge, my boat
Anchor, rod and sail
A long journey to be
To cross the seven seas
Surviving rain, winter and fire
To land on foreign soil
To build kingdoms and castles

My body, my vessel
As mother breastfeeds her infant
Delicate, fragile, innocent
Destiny has been foretold
The infant to heal, preach and teach
And spill blood on the cross
That the blind may see
The lame may walk

My body, my vessel
Hands, eyes and limbs
Moving to tell pain and beauty
Weaving stories of kings and beggars
Of lovers and revolutions
With one look, one gesture, one cringe
Truth of the soul touched
And disturbance forever marked

My body, my vessel
Where I go home
Stripped of the masks
Silencing the noise of the world

My body, my vessel
Naked, raw, whole
Longing to be with you
In the depths of our dreams.

25 June 2012 | Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Reference: Ship. Retrieved from last July 30, 2012.


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