An ode to Socorro
To Ramil, Olan and Roy
Whose lives are fuller than mine

A trip to Mindanao
To meet and dialogue
With men and women
What others describe as
Unable, abnormal, unhealthy
Opened my eyes to a different light

As I listen to their stories
How they traverse the world uniquely
I recall the many
Who refuse to look beyond
Who fail to lend an ear
Who reject and do not accept
Who rely to a narrow understanding
The blind may not see
Yet can color the world in hues
The deaf may not hear
Yet they are all ears to the plight of the suffering
The mute may not speak
Yet can utter the truth
The lame may not walk
Yet can travel to the depths of the world

Who call ourselves
Able, normal, healthy
Are blinded by fear
Stunted by biases
Strapped by bounds
Of our own volition

13 July 2012 | Flight to Manila

Reference: Persons with Disability. Retrieved from http://www.abc.net.au/rampup/articles/2011/07/11/3266713.htm last August 4, 2012.


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