Ode of my Mother

Ode of my Mother

When you were born, I bled, opened, and cried
I shouted to the gods and embraced the pain.

Before I let you go, I whispered
I will not leave you. Welcome to the world.

When you were hungry, I fed you from my own.
Sang you lullabies of my mother’s mother.
Gently telling, I am here.

When you are crying, afraid of the dark,
I would hug you and hold your hand.
Whispering, do not be afraid.

When you are at play, I will run to you
Cheering you on, I am proud of you, win or lose.

When you are tired, sleeping inside the room.
In the middle of the night, I will enter, I will whisper,
I will look after you, no matter what.

When you are in pain, I will go home straight from work, to make hot soup.
I will comfort you and will make the pain go away.

When you are at sea, I will swim to the ends of the earth to dry you up.
I will dive into the deepest waters, to be with you.

When you are up in the air, I will fly with the birds to watch you rise.
I will catch you when you fall down.

When you are down and confused, with the brokenness of the world.
I will pray to the stars. Everything will be in place for you.

And when it’s time, I will tell Death that my love for you
will transcend the heavens.

28 May 2012 | Arts in the City

Reference: Mother. Retrieved from http://lightningman.imagekind.com/store/imagedetail.aspx/085af6d1-6db4-4baa-8fbf-6a03ed0f5164/Lola_in_Black_and_white last November 2, 2012.


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