On my way to North, I pass by a mountain.
In the middle of the vast palayan, there it stood alone.
But not lonely.

I always think of my childhood every time I pass by that mountain.
Those were the days when it was just black or white,
When I didn’t know a bit of life or how dreams are ought to make.
For me, it was just catching butterflies and making kites.

It was the dawn of Easter when I first met you.
You took me out of the church, away from chants and candle lights.
To the fields and under the stars.

Like the angel who took out the Mother’s veil in Salubong,
You discovered me in my youth. In my innocence, in the nothingness.
We made promises to each other that you will wait,
I would seek the end of the rainbow and bring you that pot of gold.

A soft peck on the cheek, a whisper to the heavens,
After twenty years, we would still remember.
To go back to the same fields, to play and eat sugar cane
To count the bulalakaw that came our way.

Fifteen years. You’ve moved on.
Perhaps you were a bit impatient.
Or I was a bit too long.

I have to proceed North, and continue my search.
Yearn. Whisper to that same heaven.
I pass by that mountain and am reminded
What a long journey it still would be.

I go back to my children’s stories
To realize that not all end in happily ever after.

1 August 2012 | North Luzon Expressway


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