How many people have you kissed or have kissed you?
How many people have you touched or have touched your life?
Kisses mean differently with intent and its moment.

A kiss on the forehead from everyone present.
The stranger is welcomed with all smiles.
We got you, little darling, don’t cry.

Tender kisses and touches on the palms.
Elders and siblings, visitations and celebrations,
Of dreams for a bright future

A kiss on the head with a prayer everyday.
As one leaves to go to school or play
That she will be safe and come home at night

Short kisses and loud laughs, jumping and playing catch.
Basking under the morning sun
Of fathers and sons, of mothers and daughters.

A smack, an ewww, of daisies and marbles.
Little children playing adults
Of boys and girls, boys versus girls.

Kisses and hugs of new friendships and shared interests.
Of journeys and trials, sticking through thick and thin
Lasting a lifetime of memories that will forever be etched.

Flying kisses and applause, bravados and handshakes.
Standing ovation, affirmation and confirmation
A job well done.

A kiss on the ring, respect for the king
For Churches and castles, for monarchies and tyranny
Obedience and revolutions, love and fear.

A kiss on the soil after a long voyage
For freedom and inquisition, for justice and retribution
For blood and flag, life and death.

Kisses on statuettes, sampaguitas and rosaries
Flames and wax, transcending through alms
Prayers mumbled and offered to highest heavens.

Soft kisses on the eyes, nose and ears
Long kiss on the lips, neck and breasts
Soul to soul through the night

One last kiss
Tears and wail on the cold limb.
A memory. A goodbye.

11 July 2012 | Flight to Cotabato

Reference: Kiss. Retrieved from last November 23, 2012.


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