Next week, my Dad will turn sixty years old.  That signals his retirement which will commence by the end of the year. I heard that he’s quite excited about it especially with accessing discounts and social services.  But in my mind, he’s also anxious how things would move forward with his life.  He’s been a workhorse all his life, mostly working six days a week.  Now, he’s bound to stay at home until he figures what his plans are for the future.

After a few years, it’ll be my Mom’s turn to retire.

Next year, I’ll go back to school.  Xyrus will have his first day of school too.

In the leadership program that we do, we’ve been talking about how people go through transitions in life – graduations, deaths, career changes, even changes in relationships.  Moments where people need to change views and concepts of themselves and others provide a bit stress and anxiety, even depression to some.

We say that we need to hold on, be a little patient with the process and be sensitive to what’s happening.  It is during this time that one may discover something new about themselves and of life in general. It might need some trusting to something greater that everything will settle for the better.

Now that I’m the one (and my family) is in transition, it has been challenging.  Mixed feelings on the fly as I try to end the year. But what else can I do but take it head on rather than run away from these?

Perhaps, I might need to completely let go and trust that everything will settle in their right places. Life is after all uncertain. And surprises are usually beautiful.

23 November 2012 | Manila, Philippines


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