Reviewing My 2012: Part 2

Reviewing My 2012: Part 2

The big ones!  2012 was monumental for me.  Some big decisions were made and these were brought about by transformative relationships and realizations.


  • 30th Birthday
  • That lunch date with mentor
  • Deepened relationships with bosses
  • 4 Ninoy & Cory Aquino Leadership Journey Retreat Programs
  • Launching Philippine Toy Library
  • Reconnecting with Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines

Landing on Moments

  • 2-week retreat
  • Scholarship award
  • Engagement

I told myself last January 2012 that 2011 was quite special for me that I didn’t expect a bigger year.  Yet, I am astonished how 2012 panned out.  Firstly, some were aha moments! – Revelations about myself, my view of others and the world.

Others were products of hard work, personal passion and recommitment to advocacy work.  Programs, projects and development organizations kept me busy 24/7.  It was exhausting at some points, but very fulfilling.  On the other hand, pleasant surprises were deepened relationships with people I didn’t expect. Those were blessings for me last year.

I guess everything was an output of the experience of love.  Especially the big E – it took me almost three years before I took the plunge.  Friends were reacting that I finally did it!  But, it was a long process of discernment and prayer.  When it was time, the emotional ride was all worth it.


What were your big moments last year?

If you want me to write more about some of them, drop a note here! 

11 January 2013 | Marden, SA


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2 thoughts on “Reviewing My 2012: Part 2

  1. Allan Sy 01.15.2013 at 10.45 am Reply

    Sir Boom!! congrats on an epic 2012! More power to you and Ms. Cuevas, God Bless!

    • boomanism 01.15.2013 at 11.12 am Reply

      Hi, Allan!
      Thank you so much!
      To quote you, yeah, it was indeed, epic. Didn’t expect it to be such.
      Good luck to you too! I remember you as a very funny and hardworking guy.

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