Reena Reuniting

Reena Reuniting

Part of my motivation in studying in Adelaide is to spend time with Reena, a good friend back in college who has been working here for quite a while.



Her boyfriend, Don, was very gracious to let me stay in his place for a week until I got a place for myself.  Where did they take me on my first dinner? To a seafood buffet!



Where did they take me on my first weekend? To the beach!



Reena and I have been friends for ten years. Matanda na kami. Every night, we were reminiscing what we did then – the theater productions, the relationships, the kalokohan, what we learned and the life choices we made.

I realize that not so much has changed the past ten years.  We were still the persons we were back then. I guess, no matter what life has brought a person, if one is truly clear with what’s important to him or her, he won’t be shaken to the point of overhauling his life.  Then again, overhauling life isn’t bad at all too.

12 January 2013 | Marden, SA

Some photos c/o Reena David via FB.


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