Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

My main motivation to stay in Adelaide is the course I’m going to take in CMU. Carnegie Mellon University is an American, internationally renowned research university that offers graduate degree programs in Pittsburgh, Washington DC and Silicon Valley in the United States, Qatar in the Middle East, and Adelaide in Australia.  I don’t know if kumuha ako ng bato na ipupukpok sa ulo ko but the course appealed to me.



We’re composed of Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Filipino students in one batch. It’s UN Day everyday with us!


I thought that I was blessed enough to graduate from one of the big universities in the Philippines.  To be here now to study in, again, a big university is really a blessing.  I really feel grateful and humbled with the opportunity.

I do hope I would graduate!

12 January 2013 | Marden, SA


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2 thoughts on “Carnegie Mellon University

  1. Antonio Ingles 01.21.2013 at 10.56 pm Reply

    So be careful what you wish for…you just might get everything you ever dreamed of.

    • boomanism 01.21.2013 at 11.04 pm Reply

      Hi, Sir!
      Overwhelmed with the blessings!

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