On U-Turns

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to watch the musical, Sa Wakas. As far as I understand, it was Ebe Dancel’s songs that were used (I may be wrong, I’m not sure.)  In any case, I find the featured song, Bawat Daan, moving and apt.

At maligaw man at mawala
Umikot man sa kawalan
Sa bawat kailan, sino’t saan
Ikaw lamang ang kasagutan

Bawat kanan at kaliwa
Kanluran man o hilaga
Ang bawat daan ko ay patungo
Pabalik sa ‘yo

Sometimes, we are brought to places that we didn’t plan to go, situations that we didn’t expect. These u-turns in our lives make us uneasy, even exasperated perhaps.  Why not? We typically have envisioned ourselves in the future, yet these do not pan out.  Instead, we are left with new locations that shake us, leaving us in a muck.

In the midst of these shattering uncertainties, we force ourselves to rush into things, find paths that we were supposed to take, or fit in the plans to the new context, which would clash or not match. Often, it will lead to more frustrations.

But if we are faithful with our end in mind, as the song goes, we may get lost, delayed a little bit, or are asked to take on different routes.  We would still be led to the same destination.  In letting go and letting life happen, we may end up at the same finish life.  Perhaps, all roads lead to one.

Thank you LyricsPinas for the song lyrics.

28 July 2013 | Adelaide, South Australia


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