Thank you God in All Things for letting me share my thoughts and reflections.

God In All Things

This is a guest post by Boom Enriquez.

mapI’m not good with maps.  Ever since I was young, treasure hunts and orienteering have been my least favorite games.  When I need to meet a friend or colleague, I’d rather set the meeting place thinking I would stress myself if I don’t know the location of the meet.

I’ve been living in another country for a few months now and it’s been frustrating for me to depend on maps to go places.  Even when my mobile device has the technological tools to make transits better, I can’t help but be gasping every time.

Once, a friend invited me to their home in the suburbs to celebrate a momentous event in their lives.  They couldn’t pick me up so I had to take a bus.  For some reason, I missed the stop that was instructed to me and I got lost.  I…

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