Looking Back at 2013: Personal Awards


Once, a friend of mine congratulated me. When asked for what, he told me that every end of the year, he has come up with an awards list of the most important actors and actresses in his life.  The nominees were the people who mattered to him or who have influenced him that year. I was nominated for the best actor category, and according to my friend, I was in a ‘tight race’.  After a ‘thorough deliberation’, I won.

As 2013 ends in a few days, it’s the best time to look back and reflect upon the events and moments in our lives.  Let’s use the awards concept of my friend to capture our year.

  1. Best Actor Award.  Who were your 3 most important persons this year?  Who mattered most?  Who did you spend most of your quality time? Why?
  2. Best Setting Award.  What were your top 3 most important places this year?  Where did you make your big decisions of your life? What new places have you visited that have been memorable for you?
  3. Quotable Quote Award.  What were your top 3 realisations for the year?  What were those statements that made you stop for a while and ponder about life?

For the next part, look back at the events that have happened in 2013 and associate them with your feelings.

  1. Top of the World Moment. What was your proudest moment this year? Graduation? A job promotion?
  2. YOLO Moment. What was your most daring moment this year?  What did you do that shot your adrenaline up and risked it all? A resignation? Which big decision?
  3. LOL Moment.  What was that moment when you laughed your heart out? High school reunion? A joke by a loved one?
  4. Most Awkward Moment. What was your most embarrassing moment this year? A meet up with an ex? Wrong get up for an event?
  5. Most Mundane Moment.  What routine was the most boring for you this year? The daily commute? Answering emails?
  6. The Adele Moment. What made you cry most this year? A death of a loved one? Failure? A bitter break up? Tragedies in the communities?

Review your list and see if it has captured your year right. Add more categories if you wish.  Draw out similar themes above and try to discover new things about the self.

As we look back in our past, we realise how we are transforming in the present to be better prepared for the future.

29 December 2013 | Antipolo, the Philippines



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