About Boom Enriquez

Welcome to Boomanism: trying to capture life through my lens – thus, my reflections, rants and ramblings.

Categorising my posts:
Call to Leadership – my enamor for leadership anecdotes, stories and analysis, particularly on authentic leadership and character formation; my own contribution to the literature.
Catching Daybreak – my realizations on life, love and light.
Communicating Advocacy – another interest is mainstreaming social issues through communication strategies and campaigns.
Companions’ Take – lending my space for friends to share themselves.
Conquering Adelaide – a scholarship year; (mis)adventures of a Pinoy scholar abroad.
Creative Whims – dabbling in writing, mostly due to emotional outbursts and heightened moments.

I’ve dedicated most of my time for the arts, education & leadership formation and development. We ran the Ninoy & Cory Aquino Center for Leadership, where we tried to touch young lives and directed them to commit to a life of service and mission. We run the Philippine Toy Library, where we try to alleviate the poverty of play through setting up of toy centers nationwide. And, I am a member of the Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines, where we promote literacy & reading through the art of storytelling.

“We are asked to do our little part to change the world, but we are not asked to change the whole world, neither are we asked to save the world.”
– Eduardo Calasanz, Jr.

Catch me through other social media platforms: email, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln!


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